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welsh interior

 Interior of a farmhouse near Conway

Cornelius Varley 1802

A kitchen and living room open to the rafters, with typical Welsh furniture. Against the timber-framed partition wall (which probably separated the living quarters from the cow byre) stand a dresser, or seld, with potboard and decorated frieze, a longcase clock and a cwpwrdd tridarn - a three-tiered cupboard unique to North Wales.

To the right stands a large chest, possibly a grain hutch and under the window is a typical welsh table with a primitive bench and three-legged stool, and a three-legged cricket table.

In the foreground is a Welsh chair, of basic stick construction, more primitive than the elegant Windsor chair which was developed on the same lines. Hanging from the beams is a large cage or ark, where food could be stored (relatively) safe from vermin.