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This is a guide to the pieces that I make regularly, but is by no means an exclusive list of all that I could make: commissions are very welcome, and I'll have a go at just about anything. Each piece I make is unique and although general designs are illustrated here, precise carving and turning will vary from piece to piece (unless you request matching pieces).

I keep very little in stock, so assume that all pieces will be made to order, and will probably take several months, depending on my backlog of work and the size of the order. Because of this, I have not included an option to "buy and pay now." If you would like to place an order, or discuss items in more detail, simply email me and I shall respond to answer your questions, confirm your order and give an estimate of delivery times, cost of postage etc.

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Payment, including the cost of postage and insurance, will be requested when the order is complete, although a 10% deposit may be requested if the order is over £100, or specially commissioned.

Payment either by £ sterling cheques, or by PayPal.

A general period is given for pieces, from Mediaeval to Jacobean, (a few pieces later), but the period distinctions are artificial generalisations in many case: furniture to be found in Mediaeval settings could still have been made in the 17th Century. Furniture is listed under categories in 1" (1:12) scale. The items listed under 1/2" (1:24) are a guide to what I produce in that scale, but I am happy to attempt any of the 1" pieces in 1/2" scale (I'll let you know if it can't be done). The 1/4" (1:48) list is more limited.

Unless you specify otherwise, my pieces will be stained as dark oak. This is not properly authentic as such furniture, when newly made, would have been lighter, but most customers prefer the darker colour.

1/144 scale houses are made from jelutong and mahogany, and some are available as kits.


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